About Celtic Coffins Ltd

We all enter life in the same way. Our family and friends are there to guide and support us through this wonderful journey. When the circle of life comes full circle, it is then time for us to begin our new journey into the spiritual life. Again, we call upon our family and friends to guide and support us on our way.

At Celtic Coffins Ltd, we specialise in funeral service products, ensuring companies like yours can fulfil the last wishes of your clients’ families and friends. Celtic Coffins Ltd is an Irish registered business; our factory and showroom are based in Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland. Over the past few years, we have established great business friendships and relationships and we currently supply coffins and funeral products to over 200 clients based in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the UK. This number is increasing all the time. Our growth has been due to our high-quality products and our use of high-end furnishings. Our belief is that dignity should be afforded to all.

Our product range is primarily produced in Ireland, with Italian-styled coffins sourced from Europe. All coffins are produced according to your preferences, such as handles and coffin interiors. We are always happy to offer a personalised service to suit your business and area, so that you can best serve your clients’ needs.

You will find our full range of products on our website. It includes a detailed description of the products and materials used. Our long-term aim is to continue providing a high-quality service.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on our phone line.